Didier Stevens

Friday 28 December 2018

Update: numbers-to-string.py Version 0.0.7

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In this update, I added option -T. This is an alternative for option -t (table for number to character conversion). In stead of providing the full table with option -t, now you can provide a partial table with option -T, provided the table is present in the input.

This is often the case in DOSfuscated scripts:

In this example, the table starts with MkBMMM. Hence I use option -T MkBMMM, in stead of option -t with the full table: -t MkBMMMdkGLKIEzzjzlJJanhzSNf7,Y9x@bm(/5Hqo6 +8wri)$;uv{-QtgOUP}C:\VDFW.=y’AsRe0cp

numbers-to-string_v0_0_7.zip (https)
MD5: C23E49A24B54365F469BB35CCDA12701
SHA256: 3E9E7DF84359BEB4A054FC82E73C3E94219FC85E462FFBE3676C16E115F61AB3


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