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Thursday 26 August 2010

Quickpost: Ariad & DLL Preloading

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I’m writing this quickpost just in case you hadn’t figured this out for yourself: the techniques I described to protect machines from the .LNK vulnerability also help you mitigate the DLL preloading issue.

The .LNK vulnerability mitigation examples I gave with Ariad (no file execute) and SRP prevent loading of DLLs from untrusted locations (USB sticks, network drives, …). These will also prevent DLLs from loading from untrusted sources in the case of DLL Preloading exploits.

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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Quickpost: .LNK Template Update

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I updated my .LNK template with info I got from comments from WndSks and Forrest Gump. This new version identifies well-known Shell GUIDs:

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Sunday 8 August 2010

Quickpost: 2 .LNK Tools

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Microsoft has issued an emergency patch (MS10-046) for the .LNK file vulnerability (CVE-2010-2568).

I’m releasing two small tools I developed to help me investigate this vulnerability.

First one is a 010 Editor template file for the .LNK binary file format.

Second one is a ClamAV signature file to find all .LNK shortcuts that load a DLL (malicious or benign).

To scan your drive C, issue command

clamscan.exe -d LNK-CPL-CVE-2010-2568.ndb -l scan.log -r c:\

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