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Thursday 29 March 2018


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On Windows, CTRL-Z is the end-of-file character for text files.

A friend of mine had the following problem with my tools:

The “Broken pipe” error occurs because 1) zipdump.py -D is dumping the content of all files as binary data and 2) re-search.py is reading this binary data as a text file. Whenever zipdump.py outputs a CTRL-Z character, re-search.py interprets this as end-of-file, terminates, therefor the pipe is closed, and zipdump is left with a broken pipe.

To prevent this, use option -f to make re-search read its input as a binary file:

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Quickpost: Using Suricata on Windows

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I like to be able to get work done, regardless of the machine I’m using. That’s why I installed Suricata on Windows to help me develop rules.

Here is the process:

Installing Suricata with default settings:

Now that I installed Suricata in the programs folder, I’m going to create a folder with my configurations, rules and test captures. Let’s say that folder is C:\Suricata.

In that folder, I create folders log, rules and projects.

In folder rules, I copy the content of the rules folder in the Suricata programs directory.

threshold.config is an empty file, and suricata.yaml is a copy of suricata.yaml found inside the Suricata programs directory.

You can find the modifications I make to suricata.yaml on GitHub. Of course, you can make more configuration changes, this is just a minimum.

Then, for each project or test, I create a folder in folder projects. Like this mimikatz folder:

I use the following BAT file to start Suricata with my rules and my capture file:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Suricata\suricata.exe” -c ..\..\suricata.yaml -S mimikatz.rules -l logs -k none -v -r drsuapi-DsGetNCChanges.pcap

With option -S I use my rule file mimikatz.rules (exclusively, no other rule file will be loaded), option -l logs uses my local logs directory to write the log files, -k none disable checksum checks, -v means verbose and -r .pcap reads my capture file for processing by Suricata.

If you get this error:

you need to install WinPcap. Here is the installation with default options:

Then you will get output like this:

When you use option -s in stead of -S, your rule will be loaded together with the rules configured in the configuration file. This will give you warnings, because the rule files are missing:

You can download rules from Emerging Threats and extract the files from the rules folder to your C:\Suricata\rules folder.

Of course, you can also process your capture file without explicit rule:

Please post a comment if you want to share your own preferred configuration options.


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Monday 26 March 2018

Title: Overview of Content Published In February

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Here is an overview of content I published in February:

Blog posts:

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SANS ISC Diary entries:

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