Didier Stevens

Saturday 30 July 2016

Video: ntds.dit: Extract Hashes With secretsdump.py

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In this video I show an alternative to my blogpost on extracting hashes from the Active Directory database file ntds.dit.

I use secretsdump.py from Core Security’s impacket Python modules. The advantage is that this is a pure Python solution, and that it was able to automatically select the correct object ID. Dependencies are pycrypto and pyasn1.

Bugfix: pdf-parser Version 0.6.5

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This is a bugfix for pdf-parser. Streams were not properly extracted when they started with whitespace after the normal whitespace following the stream keyword.

pdf-parser_V0_6_5.zip (https)
MD5: 7F0880EB8A954979CA0ADAB2087E1C55
SHA256: E7D2CCA12CC43D626C53873CFF0BC0CE2875330FD5DBC8FB23B07396382DCC85

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