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Monday 11 July 2016

hashcat 3.00 “fatal error: ‘inc_vendor.cl’ file not found”

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When I tested hashcat 3.00 I got an error: “fatal error: ‘inc_vendor.cl’ file not found”. The fix for such errors is to update your (GPU) drivers. Unfortunately, I could not update at the moment but I still wanted to play with this new toy 🙂

Here is the output with the errors (the warnings are another indication that a driver update is necessary):


The error is a build error. hashcat was not able to compile the code for a brute-force LM hash attack for my GPU (m03000_a3.2ad8800f.kernel). Older versions of hashcat included compiled code for different attacks, hashes and devices. But since version 2.0 (when hashcat became open source) hashcat compiles this code when necessary: Just In Time (JIT). You can see this in the kernels folder. In older versions (< 2.0) of hashcat, this folder is populated with code. In the newer versions, it is empty.

The build log indicates why this error occurs: file inc_vendor.cl was not found (this file is present in the OpenCL folder) when compiling m03000_a3.cl.

My workaround is to temporarily make the OpenCL folder the working directory, and then run hashcat so that it can compile the kernels:


Now you can find the compiled kernels in the kernels folder:


The mask I specify with this hashcat command is also much smaller: ?1 This way, hashcat terminates quickly and I can move back to the directory I want and use the full mask ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1:


This time there is no build error, because the necessary kernels are already build and taken from the cache (folder kernels).

Remember, this is a workaround, not a fix. The fix is to update the drivers. I updated the drivers later (not without issues), deleted the content of the kernels folder, and started again. This time, without build errors.

FYI: I generated the LM hashes for this example with this website: https://www.tobtu.com/lmntlm.php


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