Didier Stevens

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Update: pdf-parser Version 0.4.1

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From version 0.4.1 on, you can also pass a URL or a ZIP file as argument to pdf-parser:

pdf-parser.py http://example.com/doc.pdf
pdf-parser.py maldoc.zip

When you pass a URL as argument, pdf-parser will download the PDF document and analyze it. The PDF document will not be written to disk. Supported protocols are http and https.

Passing a ZIP file as argument instructs pdf-parser to open the ZIP file and analyze the first file it finds in the ZIP archive. If the ZIP file is password protected, pdf-parser will try to access the compressed file with password infected. Same as with URLs, the PDF file in the ZIP container is not written to disk.

Further changes are: bug fixes, performance improvement and option –content. This option allows you to view the content of an object without stream or with stream but without filters.

pdf-parser_V0_4_1.zip (https)
MD5: A0314C0CD8AAE376C7448E74D4A7472C
SHA256: 633B7400015B2C936103CC64C37435FB333B0F2634B2A6CD3A8949EAB1D18E9B

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