Didier Stevens

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Cisco IOS Patching: Defense and Offense

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I will give a talk on network forensics at my local ISSA chapter.

I’m preparing it with a couple of PoCs.

First PoC is how changing the canary value 0xFD0110DF to another value can provide defense against exploits like FX explained in this paper. I changed the appropriate instructions so that IOS uses canary value OxFC0220CF. You can see it at the bottom of this memory dump:


Second PoC is how I can change the behavior of an IOS command for offensive purposes. Topo mentioned this idea at Black Hat. The verify command checks the embedded MD5 signature in an IOS image. I patched the appropriate instructions so that the verify command always reports a valid signature, regardless of the actual embedded value:


I did not change CCO hash. This is the MD5 hash of the complete IOS image. I did not change this on purpose, but it would be as easy as changing the embedded hash. If you lookup this CCO hash with Cisco, you will not find it.

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