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Thursday 7 March 2013

Update: PDFiD Version 0.1.0

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A month before my PDF training at HITB, it’s time to release new versions of my pdf tools.

I start with PDFiD. From version 0.1.0 on, you can also pass a URL or a ZIP file as argument to PDFiD:

pdfid.py http://example.com/doc.pdf
pdfid.py maldoc.zip

When you pass a URL as argument, PDFiD will download the PDF document and analyze it. The PDF document will not be written to disk. Supported protocols are http and https.

Passing a ZIP file as argument instructs PDFiD to open the ZIP file and analyze the first file it finds in the ZIP archive. If the ZIP file is password protected, PDFiD will try to access the compressed file with password infected. Same as with URLs, the PDF file in the ZIP container is not written to disk.

pdfid_v0_1_0.zip (https)
MD5: 6A5FF56C22EF2745C3D78C8FD8ACA01F
SHA256: D72FE8555DC89808EE7BFC9F791AD819A465106A95801C09C31B0FD2644B3977

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