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Friday 9 September 2022

Quickpost: Dolmen du roc de l’Arca

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While on holiday in Feilluns (France, Pyrénées-Orientales) in September 2021, I did search several dolmens.

While the dolmen Caouno del Moro is easy to find (it is right next to a road, just follow the signs starting in the village), the nearby dolmen du roc de l’Arca is not so easy to find, as there are no signs and it’s on the top of a wooded hill.

Dolmen du roc de l’Arca:


Drone picture:

Video: walking from dolmen Caouno del Moro to dolmen du roc de l’Arca.

Video: drone view of dolmen du roc de l’Arca.

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