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Friday 2 September 2022

Update: jpegdump.py Version 0.0.10

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This update to jpegdump.py, my tool to analyze JPEG images, brings 2 small changes:

Data between segments can be selected with suffix d. Like this: -s 10d

This means: select the data between segments 9 and 10.

And when option -E is used to add hash values, repeating hashes are marked with parentheses.

jpegdump_V0_0_10.zip (http)
MD5: 5B33C0ECB94E3284CA64E98B5A0947C3
SHA256: D8C657DB7564160725C95677BE200EB3A902BDC74CF335EFA8499596495633F0

Quickpost: Standby Power Consumption Of My Bosch 18V Chargers

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I have 2 Bosch 18V “power for all” chargers. A normal charger (AL 1830 CV) and a fast charger (AL 1880 CV).

Measuring the power consumption of these 2 chargers in standby mode (plugged into a 230V outlet, but no battery connected) with a GPM-8310 powermeter, I obtained the following results:

AL 1830 CV: 476,33 mW

AL 1880 CV: 344,39 mW

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