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Monday 20 March 2017

That Is Not My Child Process!

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Years ago I released a tool to create a Windows process with selected parent process: SelectMyParent.

You can not blindly trust parent-child process relations in Windows: the parent of a process can be different from the process that created that process.

Here I start selectmyparent from cmd.exe to launch notepad.exe with parent explorer.exe (PID 328):

Process Explorer reports explorer.exe as the parent (and not selectmyparent.exe):

Process Monitor also reports explorer.exe as the parent:

If we look in the call stack of the process creation of notepad.exe, we see 2 frames (6 and 7) with unknown modules:

We should see entries in the call stack for explorer.exe if notepad.exe was started by explorer.exe, but we don’t.

The <unknown> module is actually selectmyparent.exe.

0x11b1461 is the address of the instruction after the call to _main in ___tmainCRTStarup in selectmyparent.exe.

0x11b12a8 is the address of the instruction after the call to CreateProcessW in _main in selectmyparent.exe.


System Monitor also reports explorer.exe as the parent:

Finally, Volatility’s pstree command also reports explorer.exe as the parent:


  1. What’s going on under the covers? Would you be able to rely on another sysmon event, like ProcessAccess or CreateRemoteThread? What are better ways to detect these types of shenanigans?

    Comment by Matt Giannetto — Tuesday 21 March 2017 @ 11:28

  2. I explained how it is done in my blog post of 2009, it’s the first link in this blog post:

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Tuesday 21 March 2017 @ 19:04

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