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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Update: oledump V0.0.20

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Option -c calculates extra data per stream. This data is displayed per stream. Only the MD5 hash of the content of the stream is calculated.
C:\Demo>oledump.py -c Book1.xls
1:      4096 ‘\x05DocumentSummaryInformation’ ff1773dce227027d410b09f8f3224a56
2:      4096 ‘\x05SummaryInformation’ b46068f38a3294ca9163442cb8271028
3:      4096 ‘Workbook’ d6a5bebba74fb1adf84c4ee66b2bf8dd

In stead of adding more calculations to option -c, I added option -E (extra) which allows the user to specify which extra info needs to be displayed. From the man page:

If you need more data than the MD5 of each stream, use option -E
(extra). This option takes a parameter describing the extra data that
needs to be calculated and displayed for each stream. The following
variables are defined:
  %INDEX%: the index of the stream
  %INDICATOR%: macro indicator
  %LENGTH%': the length of the stream
  %NAME%: the printable name of the stream
  %MD5%: calculates MD5 hash
  %SHA1%: calculates SHA1 hash
  %SHA256%: calculates SHA256 hash
  %ENTROPY%: calculates entropy
  %HEADHEX%: display first 20 bytes of the stream as hexadecimal
  %HEADASCII%: display first 20 bytes of the stream as ASCII
  %TAILHEX%: display last 20 bytes of the stream as hexadecimal
  %TAILASCII%: display last 20 bytes of the stream as ASCII
  %HISTOGRAM%: calculates a histogram
                 this is the prevalence of each byte value (0x00 through 0xFF)
                 at least 3 numbers are displayed separated by a comma:
                 number of values with a prevalence > 0
                 minimum values with a prevalence > 0
                 maximum values with a prevalence > 0
                 each value with a prevalence > 0
  %BYTESTATS%: calculates byte statistics
                 byte statistics are 5 numbers separated by a comma:
                 number of NULL bytes
                 number of control bytes
                 number of whitespace bytes
                 number of printable bytes
                 number of high bytes

The parameter for -E may contain other text than the variables, which
will be printed. Escape characters \n and \t are supported.
Example displaying the MD5 and SHA256 hash per stream, separated by a
space character:
C:\Demo>oledump.py -E "%MD5% %SHA256%" Book1.xls
  1:      4096 '\x05DocumentSummaryInformation' ff1773dce227027d410b09f8f3224a56 2817c0fbe2931a562be17ed163775ea5e0b12aac203a095f51ffdbd5b27e7737
  2:      4096 '\x05SummaryInformation' b46068f38a3294ca9163442cb8271028 2c3009a215346ae5163d5776ead3102e49f6b5c4d29bd1201e9a32d3bfe52723
  3:      4096 'Workbook' d6a5bebba74fb1adf84c4ee66b2bf8dd 82157e87a4e70920bf8975625f636d84101bbe8f07a998bc571eb8fa32d3a498

If the extra parameter starts with !, then it replaces the complete
output line (in stead of being appended to the output line).
C:\Demo>oledump.py -E "!%INDEX% %MD5%" Book1.xls
1 ff1773dce227027d410b09f8f3224a56
2 b46068f38a3294ca9163442cb8271028
3 d6a5bebba74fb1adf84c4ee66b2bf8dd

To include extra data with each use of oledump, define environment
variable OLEDUMP_EXTRA with the parameter that should be passed to -E.
When environment variable OLEDUMP_EXTRA is defined, option -E can be
ommited. When option -E is used together with environment variable
OLEDUMP_EXTRA, the parameter of option -E is used and the environment
variable is ignored.

oledump_V0_0_20.zip (https)
MD5: 715B33E8E090F2A061DB2EA5A913055F
SHA256: 056CC911AEDFFB48B756F1B941E14660EBA8B613C65B1026F5DA77FB3047DAE3


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