Didier Stevens

Sunday 8 November 2015

Update: translate.py V2.1.0

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Translate is a Python tool to translate files; you give it a Python expression that converts the input file byte per byte to the output file.

In this update, I added option -f (fullread) to process files in one go, and not byte per byte.

It works just like the byte per byte process, but in stead of a Python expression that transform a byte, you provide a Python function that transforms a string. This Python function must take a string as argument (the content of the file) and return a string as argument (the converted file).

I used this in my “Analysis Of An Office Maldoc With Encrypted Payload (Slow And Clean)” post.

translate_v2_1_0.zip (https)
MD5: AF8B1FB7A48AFC519F7656763A95980C
SHA256: 6C65ABE811263E1F687DEDB0A1064C141FFEEA5105BE3C925972BC0B9CE73FC0

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