Didier Stevens

Saturday 8 October 2011

Update: USBVirusScan 1.7.4

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This new version 1.7.4 adds some extra debug info to the debug option (-d) and adds a new option (-w) to disable WOW64 filesystem redirection.

When USBVirusScan launches the program that was specified as argument upon insertion of a removable drive, it will provide debug information regarding the launching of this program.

In case of failure to launch the program, the debug info will include the error message from the Windows API:

If successfully launched, the debug info will include the process ID of the launched program:

USBVirusScan is a 32-bit application, but it works fine on 64-bit Windows. It can launch 64-bit programs without problems, except Windows’ own applications that come in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. For example, if you configure USBVirusScan to launch calc.exe on 64-bit Windows 7, it will launch the 32-bit version of calc.exe and not the 64-bit version. This is due to the WOW64 filesystem redirection mechanism. USBVirusScan has an option (-w) to disable this WOW64 filesystem redirection (only for USBVirusScan, not for your other programs). Disabling WOW64 filesystem redirection allows USBVirusScan to launch the 64-bit version of calc.exe.

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