Didier Stevens

Thursday 20 October 2011

RunInsideLimitedJob 64-bit

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RunInsideLimitedJob is a tool to sandbox applications by containing their process inside a limited job object. There are 2 versions of my RunInsideLimitedJob tool: a .EXE and a .DLL.

As a 32-bit executable, RunInsideLimitedJob.exe is perfectly capable of launching a 64-bit application contained in a limited job object.

But the 32-bit RunInsideLimitedJob.dll can’t be loaded inside a 64-bit process. That’s why I’m releasing a 64-bit version of RunInsideLimitedJob.dll.

RunInsideLimitedJob-DLL64_V0_0_0_1.zip (https)
MD5: A6048613CE00C9F401A8AC7943A451E3
SHA256: 279F6BE0EB124814D37A5E70F2D906B1756B27CDDC7E7AEA40B2B42B39C0CFCA

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