Didier Stevens

Monday 11 May 2009

PDF Filter Abbreviations

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@binjo ‘s tweet made me realize PDF filter abbreviations do apply to stream objects too, although the PDF reference document only defines them for inline images. Here are the abbreviations:

  • ASCIIHexDecode -> AHx
  • ASCII85Decode -> A85
  • LZWDecode -> LZW
  • FlateDecode -> Fl
  • RunLengthDecode -> RL
  • CCITTFaxDecode -> CCF
  • DCTDecode -> DCT

This means that, for example, a flatedecode filter for a stream object can not only be specified as /Filter /FlateDecode, but also as /Filter /Fl.

I updated my PDF-tools to support this.

And jprosco e-mailed me an update to my pdf-parser tool to support ASCIIHexDecode, because he had to analyze some malicious PDF documents that used it to encode the JavaScript.

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