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Sunday 10 May 2009

Quickpost: Disinformational Tweets

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This useless Python program is the result of some lazy Sunday coding. It will create random tweets based on a template file. You could use it to try to protect your privacy on Twitter by disinforming potential data miners.

Will I use it for my Twitter account? No, I don’t need a program to disinform 😉


Each time you run the program, it will post one random tweet. This tweet is generated from a templates file. Each line in the templates file is the template for a tweet. You can use variables (between curly braces, example: {location}) in the templates to increase the number of possible tweets. Variables and their values are also stored in the template file, after the template lines. Your template file must allow the program to generate at least 2 different tweets, because it generates a tweet different from the last tweet.


The program requires the twitter module, itself requiring the simplejson module.

And you need to create a credentials file (disinformational-tweets.cred) with the Twitter credentials of the account for which the program has to generate random Tweets. The first line of the credentials file has to contain the username, the second line has to contain the password.

A Firefox plugin to generate these tweets would probably be more ‘useful’, but hey, it’s a lazy Sunday.


disinformational-tweets_v0_0_1.zip (https)

MD5: 36CDB584634ED299E7ACE0D64E846003

SHA256: C5FCE76443549C3A8882B799B6F7A754EF6AEE5F11F3E94FF255EE541205C17B

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