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Monday 2 March 2009

Quickpost: /JBIG2Decode Essentials

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Today I took a closer look at the PDF code of the /JBIG2Decode vulnerability. It doesn’t have to be an XObject, just a stream object with a /JBIG2Decode filter:


This indirect object is all I have to include in my basic PDF document to get a PoC PDF document to crash Adobe Acrobat Reader 9:



On Virustotal, this PoC PDF document is only detected by ClamAV, but it’s no surprise, as most signatures also look for JavaScript and/or a payload. When I use name or stream obfuscation, ClamAV is also bypassed.

You can download my Python program to generate these PoC PDF documents here, it needs the mPDF module of my PDF-tools. Use it to developed better signatures or to test your defenses.

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