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Sunday 1 March 2009

Quickpost: /JBIG2Decode Signatures

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You’re most likely aware of the latest PDF vulnerability in JBIG2 image encoding, more specifically /JBIG2Decode.

Signatures have been released to identify PDF documents exploiting this vulnerability, many of which scan for the /JBIG2Decode string. Remember the canonicalization issue with PDF names I mentioned in a previous PDF post. There are alternate ways to write /JBIG2Decode, for example /JBIG#32Decode is also a valid representation. But many signatures will not match this variant, because the matching engine doesn’t reduce the name to a canonical form (e.g. replace the hexadecimal representation #32 by ASCII character 2) before matching the pattern.

I took this JBIG2 PoC exploit from Milw0rm and let Virustotal take a look at it. Now don’t be mislead by the 5/39 ratio, this doesn’t necessarily mean that most AV products will not protect you from this PoC.

The same PDF document, with /JBIG#32Decode (and some updates to adjust for the increased length), gets 2 detections (SecureWeb-Gateway uses the Avira engine on VT, so both detections are actually from the same engine).

But Avira doesn’t use /JBIG2Decode in its signature (when I replace /JBIG2Decode with /AAAAAAAAA, the PoC still gets detected).

So it looks like the AV engines on Virustotal don’t reduce PDF names to a canonical form.

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