Didier Stevens

Tuesday 10 June 2008

Quickpost: WiFi Channel Hopping with an AirPcap Adapter

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Here is a Python program to do WiFi channel hopping with an AirPcap adapter.

The program (apc-channel.py) takes 3 options:

  • –interval sec to set the interval between hops (default is 0.5 sec)
  • –step increment to specify the size of the channel hop (default is 5)
  • –quit to prevent the program from displaying each channel hop

The program also serves as an example on how to use the AirPcap dll from a Python program.

I’ve a couple of other AirPcap programs written in Python (like one to monitor probe requests). If there’s enough interest, I’ll clean up the code and publish it. Be aware that you need an AirPcap adapter for all these programs.

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