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Monday 9 June 2008

Quickpost: Embedding an Executable in a VBscript

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My latest bpmtk post got some people to ask me for the VBscript. I’ll do better, I’m posting the Python program I wrote to generate the script. You can download it here.

You have to provide it 2 arguments: the name of the executable to embed and the name of the VBscript to generate, like this:

file2vbscript cmd.exe cmd.vbs

This will generate a VBscript that will write cmd.exe to the current directory and execute it (create a new process). If you want to load a DLL in stead of executing an EXE, use the -l option:

file2vbscript -l mydll.dll mydll.vbs

And to use it in an Office application (Office VBA doesn’t take long subs), use the option -o:

file2vbscript -ol mydll.dll mydll.vbs

This will split the embedded file over several subs, to accommodate for the size limitation of Office VBscripts.

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