Didier Stevens

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Quickpost: eicar.pdf

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I like to embed the EICAR Anti-Virus test file in usual formats and less usual formats. Today, I’m publishing a PDF document with an embedded EICAR test file (eicar.txt). This PDF document has also an annotation with a JavaScript action linked to it. Clicking the annotation will export the embedded eicar.txt file to a temporary folder and launch the default editor for .txt files. This doesn’t work with Foxit Reader, because Foxit doesn’t support the JavaScript method I’m using to export eicar.txt (exportDataObject). But you can still export the file manually if you use Foxit Reader.

eicar.pdf contains only ASCII characters, so you can use Notepad to see what I did. And I had do to something special, can you guess what? Post your comments!

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