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Friday 2 November 2007

Quickpost: Installing Kismet on a N800

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Update: Since the Kismet package isn’t available anymore, here is Installing aircrack-ng on a N800.

To run Kismet on a N800, you need to be root. Normally, you don’t have root access on a N800, you do need to apply a hack to get it. There are several hacks (flashing, sshd, …) but I prefer the godmode trick.

Here’s how I did it, use at your own risk:

  1. Install Osso Xterm
  2. Install godmode
  3. Install Kismet

Now I did install some other packages between 2 and 3, that’s probably why I didn’t have to install ncurses-base explicitly.

To start Kismet, start Xterm and type these commands:

  1. sudo gainroot
  2. kismet

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