Didier Stevens

Thursday 1 November 2007

Announcing Quickposts

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From now on, I’ll intersperse my blog with Quickposts.

I’ve a need to post short tips and tricks, mainly for my own reference. These Quickposts will document solutions for small problems I encountered during my work or research. I could also use a Quickpost to announce a discovery I don’t plan to research extensively.
The main characteristic of Quickposts will be the limited amount of time and research I spend on them, hence the quality of the content will suffer.

Quickposts have their own Quickpost category, the title will always start with Quickpost:, and if a Quickpost requires updating (to correct errors), I will edit the post instead of publishing a new Quickpost.

The first Quickpost will be about installing Kismet on my N800.

Of course, I stay committed to my weekly posts.

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