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Tuesday 17 July 2007

UserAssist V2.3.0

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I’m releasing version 2.3.0 of my UserAssist tool with these new features:

  • saved CSV files have a header.
  • entries are highlighted in red when they match a user-specified search term (which can be a regular expression). This is my answer to the persons asking for a search feature. As I didn’t want to bother with a Find Next function, I decided to implement a highlight feature.
  • the Save command also supports HTML.
  • support for the IE7 UserAssist GUID key {0D6D4F41-2994-4BA0-8FEF-620E43CD2812}
  • registry hive files (usually called NTUSER.DAT files) can be loaded directly with the tool. The tool will load the DAT file temporarily in the registry, read the UserAssistkeys and unload the file. This feature is experimental, because I didn’t write the code yet for all the exceptions (invalid NTUSER.DAT file, no access rights to the file, no rights to load the file, failure to unload the file, …).

Other requests, like a command-line option, will be investigated.I’m also researching special values of the count property, for example when a program is removed from the start menu list.

The software is hosted on my site now, as Microsoft will phase-out the User Samples section of the gotDotNet site.

Thanks to Ovie and Bret of the CyberSpeak podcast for talking about my UserAssist tool on their show. The announced interview is recorded 🙂

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