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Tuesday 3 July 2007

The BlockSite Firefox Add-on

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The Firefox add-on BlockSite by Erik van Kempen allows you to maintain a blacklist of sites you want to block for surfing. I extended his add-on with a whitelist: in stead of specifying the sites you want to block, you can decide to specify the sites you want to allow, and all other sites will be blocked. Erik has integrated my code in his add-on:

Version 0.5 — December 30, 2006 — 34 KB

[+] Whitelist/Blacklist feature (by Didier Stevens): Choose if the list is a blacklist or a whitelist.
[~] Password protection still pending (unfortunately), most probably in next major release

Reverse engineering a Firefox add-on is really simple. The file format for add-ons, XPI, is in fact a ZIP file. After unzipping the XPI file, you’ll find a JAR file (again, this is also based on ZIP). Unzip the JAR file and then you can analyze the JavaScript and XUL files.

You can also load an unpacked Firefox add-on in Firefox to test and debug it, how is explained here.

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