Didier Stevens

Saturday 30 December 2006

Another postcard…

Filed under: Malware — Didier Stevens @ 0:50

There was another virus run today, it inspired me to make a Season’s Greetings video.

The movie is hosted here on YouTube, and you can find a hires version (XviD) here.

XORSearch is a new tool.

Happy New Year!


  1. Great video, thank you Didier.

    One complaint though — I was hoping there would be audible narration! : )

    Any idea why that wget failed?

    Comment by Stephen Moore — Saturday 30 December 2006 @ 3:15

  2. Thanks you Steve. I wanted to add narration, but it was already 2AM and I couldn’t make a decent audio recording. Need to get advice from a podcaster 🙂

    Seems that the domain was not known by my ISP’s DNS. I also tried OpenDNS.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Saturday 30 December 2006 @ 9:54

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