Didier Stevens

Friday 15 December 2006

My Virus lab part 1: downloading a malicious file

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While downloading a malware this evening, I realized I never blogged about my Virus lab.

How do I download a malicious file from an (infected) website without infecting my Windows box?

I use a hosted shell account on a FreeBSD system to download the file. There are not many viruses that will infect a FreeBSD system. Connecting to my shell account requires SSH, so how do I browse the Internet in a text-only shell? With Links! Links is like Lynx, a text-only browser I used in the early 1990s (I started on the Internet with Gopher, mailx and tin on a Unix box 😉 )

But when I have the exact URL of the file I want to download, I can use wget instead of Links.

Once I have the file on my shell account, I want to transfer it to my virus lab for analysis. To avoid infecting my Windows box or deletion of the file by my AV software when I transfer the file, I encrypt it first with Ncrypt (I chose Ncrypt because it ‘s one small executable that doesn’t require installation, it encrypts and decrypts and it compiles for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD).

BTW, I had a problem compiling Ncrypt on my FreeBSD account (error: elements of array `long_options’ have incomplete type). I solved this by including the line #include “getopt.h” in file ncrypt.c.

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