Didier Stevens

Tuesday 28 November 2006

Mitigating Risk

Filed under: Nonsense — Didier Stevens @ 21:05

I came across an interesting picture while browsing my digital library.

As an IT security professional, you don’t often get a chance to say: “And in this picture, you see me mitigating risk”.

Mitigating Risk


  1. Greetings Didier,
    Might you share with us your location? Do you climb often?
    I do not climb, but I have become a big fan of rafting here in the states – great fun!


    Comment by Stephen Moore — Tuesday 28 November 2006 @ 22:16

  2. This is in Yvoir, Belgium.

    We have a lot of crags in Belgium, and they often have the same “topology”: rocks, a railroad, a road and a river ;-). That’s to say, crags are often found here along a river. Rafting is fun, but the Belgian rivers are not really suited for rafting.

    List of crags in Belgium: http://www.belclimb.net/setCookie.php?lang=3&URL=/cragsearch.php
    Yvoir: http://www.belclimb.net/cragsearch.php?mode=crag&id=88

    I used to climb outdoor once a month and indoor once a week. I’ve been very busy lately, so climbing has suffered. But now I’m back training in the climbing hall for the start of the outdoor season in March.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Tuesday 28 November 2006 @ 22:41

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