Didier Stevens

Monday 27 November 2006

USBVirusScan v1.1.0

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The new version (1.1) of my USBVirusScan program has 2 new placeholders:

  • %v is the volume name of the inserted drive
  • %s is the volume serial number of the inserted drive

The volume serial number is assigned by the operating system when a hard disk is formatted. It is not the serial number assigned by the manufacturer. See function GetVolumeInformation for details.

The volume name and volume serial number allow me to script different actions for the different USB drives I plug into my system. For example, when I insert my USB drive with my TrueCrypt protected data on it, my script automatically launches the TrueCrypt program to mount the drive, I just have to type the pass-phrase. Or when I insert my MP3 player, the script opens the folder with queued-up podcasts.

And for all other drives, I start a virus scan.

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