Didier Stevens

Thursday 14 September 2006

UserAssist on Windows Vista

Filed under: My Software — Didier Stevens @ 9:05

Microsoft mailed me Windows Vista Build 5472 (that’s the Black Hat Vista).

The VMware installation went smoothly once I figured out I had to add these lines to the VMX config file:

svga.maxWidth = "640"
svga.maxHeight = "480"

The UserAssist registry keys still exists and the format hasn’t changed, my UserAssist utility works without problem:


Only the icon will require some rework:



  1. Very cool! I need to see what the Prefetch capability of Vista is by default…


    Comment by keydet89 — Monday 18 September 2006 @ 10:31

  2. […] the system under scrutiny with slightly different systems. I’ve reported in the past that the UserAssist keys also exist on Windows Vista and that there is an extra Count key. Now, I wanted to find out which new types of values have been […]

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