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Monday 18 September 2006

A Windows Live CD plugin for my UserAssist utility

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I’ve published a BartPE plugin for my UserAssist utility, you can download it here (https, MD5 D43E519B7BCE90F31EB54884E7AA75C1 DE9D576C0F5FF8D33E039A5064BD8AFF). And I’m posting another movie.
Windows Live CDs are a popular troubleshooting and forensic investigation tool, they allow you to boot a (Windows) PC from a CD. Bart Lagerweij developed BartPE, a tool to create a Windows Live CD (a Windows “pre-install” environment CD), and several people build their own tools based on his work. The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is based on BartPE.

Bart’s PE has an open architecture, you can integrate your own tools by making a dedicated plugin. My UserAssist utility uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which is not supported by BartPE. You need to add Colin Finck’s Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 plugin to the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows plugins to use my plugin.

You add plugins to the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows with the Plugins dialog:


Afterwards you create your own Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (you have to provide your own licensed Windows XP SP2 CD).

The UserAssist utility is located in the Programs/Forensics menu (when you boot from the CD):


The UserAssist utility displays the activity of the current user at startup. This is of course not useful for a Live CD, because the profile of the current user of a Live CD is not persisted.

You will have to load the NTUSER.DAT registry hive of the user you want to investigate in RegEdit and export it to a reg file, before you can import it in UserAssist (I plan to add a feature to UserAssist to automate this task).


I’ve tested my plugin with the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, not with BartPE.
There’s a movie here on YouTube, or hires (XviD) here showing you how to do this for user Employee.

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