Didier Stevens

Tuesday 20 December 2022

Update: filescanner Version

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This new version brings extra statistics with option -f (fullread): counter for unique bytes, control bytes, printable bytes, high bytes. And lengths of the longest ASCII string, ASCII hexadecimal string and ASCII base64 string.

Remark that no check is made for hex string length being a multiple of 2 and base64 string length being a multiple of 4.

Rule DMP for minidumps was added.

And option -e now accepts multiple extensions (comma separated).

FileScanner_V0_0_0_8.zip (http)
MD5: 20201A4336F3E5298896EE0962C6C287
SHA256: F0EAE8F989A65509EE2AC793EB23C3FED3F333D10C62C30FF047EE45CD308190

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