Didier Stevens

Saturday 9 July 2022


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This is the release of simple_listener.py, a Python program that can accept TCP and UDP connections and react according to its configuration. It has evolved from my beta program tcp-honeypot.py, that I will no longer maintain.

Everything you could do with tcp-honeypot, can be done with simple_listener.

I use simple_listener now whenever I need a server that listens for incoming TCP and/or UDP connections. For example, I have a configuration that can accept connections from Cobalt Strike beacons using leaked private keys.

simple_listener has a full man page, explaining all configuration items and options.

simple_listener_v0_1_2.zip (http)
MD5: 8F79FCB51EE2C1EB20B0F30F022EAE47
SHA256: F0EED539775AF36FFEB9B91529AF852C833D6A2764A9B9C65998AEA577F08175

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