Didier Stevens

Saturday 30 April 2022

Quickpost: Machine Code Infinite Loop

Filed under: Reverse Engineering — Didier Stevens @ 8:04

Someone asked me what the byte sequence is for an infinite loop in x86 machine code (it’s something you could use while debugging, for example).

That byte sequence is just 2 bytes long: EB FE.

It’s something you can check with nasm, for example.

File jump-infinite-loop.asm:


    jmp loop1
    jmp short loop2
    jmp $
    jmp short $
    jmp short -2

nasm jump-infinite-loop.asm -l jump-infinite-loop.lst

File jump-infinite-loop.lst:

     1                                  BITS 32
     3                                  loop1:
     4 00000000 EBFE                        jmp loop1
     5                                  loop2:
     6 00000002 EBFE                        jmp short loop2
     7 00000004 EBFE                        jmp $
     8 00000006 EBFE                        jmp short $
     9 00000008 EB(FE)                      jmp short -2

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