Didier Stevens

Friday 29 April 2022

Update: oledump.py Version 0.0.65

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This new version of oledump.py brings a new plugin (plugin_metadata) and Python 3 fixes for 2 plugins (plugin_msi and plugin_ppt).

The new plugin is actually an old unpublished plugin, that I updated recently.

This plugin parses Office document metadata as defined in document [MS-OLEPS].

I started to write this in 2015 to parse the metadata of Word documents, but soon I figured out that this functionality was already present in olefile, and I introduced option -M to call this functionality.

But recently, I had to parse metadata that isn’t (yet) parsed by olefile, so I updated and released plugin_metadata.

oledump_V0_0_65.zip (http)
MD5: 319894D211E0C6F41DCEBD5DBBBE3D33
SHA256: 35786C01AC74BE8604E96B528B7EB8EEFBB0D63407D3C78CC31D058528EF20D7


  1. i have this Error if i Tray oledump on Windows

    C:\Python\oledump_V0_0_65 (2)>pip install olefile
    Requirement already satisfied: olefile in c:\python\python310-32\lib\site-packages (0.46)

    C:\Python\oledump_V0_0_65 (2)>

    You can use PIP to install olefile like this: pip install olefile
    pip is located in Python’s Scripts folder.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Python\oledump_V0_0_65 (2)\oledump.py”, line 156, in
    import olefile
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘olefile’

    During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Python\oledump_V0_0_65 (2)\oledump.py”, line 160, in
    NameError: name ‘exit’ is not defined

    Comment by waldi.stach@gmail.com — Thursday 5 May 2022 @ 13:08

  2. Do you have more than one version of Python installed?

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Thursday 5 May 2022 @ 14:50

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