Didier Stevens

Friday 31 December 2021

Update: base64dump.py Version 0.0.20

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This new version brings a new encoding: zxcn

zxcn stands for “zero x comma no-leading zero”, and is very similar to zxc encoding (zero x comma).

Example of zxc: 0x90,0x0A,0x4D,0x5A

Remark the leading zero for value 0x0A (values smaller than 0x10).

With zxcn encoding, there is no leading zero for values smaller than 0x10.

Thus the example for zxcn becomes: 0x90,0xA,0x4D,0x5A

base64dump_V0_0_20.zip (https)
MD5: 10E130F7B989EDDBF03092B8AA0585E1
SHA256: BD7ADF465CA89B10D0591A6D73E6E97DA3EF313EA7C28C90DD59F0A5CBBEB9CD

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