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Sunday 27 October 2019

Update: pecheck.py Version 0.7.8

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This new version of pecheck.py, a tool to analyze PE files, comes with a small update to option -l.

The overview of embedded PE files produced with option -l P now reports the hash of the embedded PE file without overlay:

By default, this is an MD5 hash, but can be changed to your liking using environment variable DSS_DEFAULT_HASH_ALGORITHMS, like this:

I will introduce this environment variable to my other tools with new releases.


pecheck-v0_7_8.zip (https)
MD5: 616CD9159316FC2100BE3E87C5C26B2C
SHA256: F734EFFFA17E4EE6CA64A67D18340B3347B72C4B1C7522BAF1B7D720FABA2389


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