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Thursday 7 March 2019

Analyzing a Phishing PDF with /ObjStm

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I got hold of a phishing PDF where the /URI is hiding inside a stream object (/ObjStm).

First I start the analysis with pdfid.py:

There is no /URI reported, but remark that the PDF contains 5 stream objects (/ObjStm). These can contain /URIs. In the past, I would search and decompress these stream objects with pdf-parser.py, and then pipe the result through pdfid.py, in order to detect /URIs (or other objects that require further analysis).

Since pdf-parser.py version 0.7.0, I prefer another method: using option -O to let pdf-parser.py extract and parse the objects inside stream objects.

With option -a (here combined with option -O), I can get statistics and keywords just like with pdfid:

Now I can see that there is a /URI inside the PDF (object 43).

Thus I can use option -k to get the value of /URI entries, combined with option -O to look inside stream objects:

And here I have the /URI.

Another method, is to select object 43:

From this output, we also see that object 43 is inside stream object 16.

Remark: if you use option -O on a PDF that does not contain stream objects (/ObjStm), pdf-parser will behave as if you didn’t provide this option. Hence, if you want, you can always use option -O to analyze PDFs.


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  4. Hi Didier.
    Last month I got a pdf file where mutools list some URIs… gibberish.
    The extracted urls contains spurious characters, like parenthesis and slashes.

    A first guess: the urls aren’t fully parsed, they seems to me fragments of the pdf syntax.
    Fool me I didn’t keep the file.

    * did you see this case? can pdfid decode ?
    * do you need some specimen ? I can try to search for the pdf.

    Comment by Massimo Sala — Saturday 4 January 2020 @ 11:03

  5. I’m not familiar with that tool. If your pdf is on VirusTotal, please share the hash.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Saturday 4 January 2020 @ 11:28

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