Didier Stevens

Monday 30 July 2018

Update: numbers-to-string.py Version 0.0.4

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This new version of numbers-to-string.py adds new options: –grep, –grepoptions, –begin and –end.

With –grep and –grepoptions, you can select the lines to be processed by numbers-to-string.py.

And if you don’t want the tool to take a whole line into account when processing numbers, but only part of the line, you can use option –begin to specify where in the line processing should start.

Likewise, with –end you can specify where processing should end.

numbers-to-string_v0_0_4.zip (https)
SHA256: DA75A6BEB7DCD0F71C008EFE43EE3D3831B545BC916AA5176F4E2004FE97A250

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