Didier Stevens

Friday 29 June 2018

Update: re-search.py Version 0.0.10

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This new version of re-search.py comes with 3 new regular expressions in its library:

  • email-domain
  • url-domain
  • onion

Regular expressions email-domain and url-domain match exactly like regular expressions email and url, however, the output is just the domain, not the full email/url.

Regular expression onion matches onion addresses.

I use url-domain to make a list of unique domain names for all the URLs found inside a document. Compare the output for url and url-domain:

re-search_V0_0_10.zip (https)
MD5: A4A22FBA70990B57C811DD290C6F0DAA
SHA256: BF5084E4CE7A528AB2701D5AAA6C7366A3A43B8768C712263133A6E302569E86

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