Didier Stevens

Sunday 22 April 2018

Update: python-per-line.py Version 0.0.4

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This new version brings new output features. For example, you can use the output option (-o) to output simultaneously to the console and a file:


-o result.txt will write the output to file result.txt, and nothing to the console

-o #c#result.txt will write the output to file result.txt and to the console

For all the details, consult the man page: python-per-line.py -m

python-per-line_V0_0_4.zip (https)
MD5: FE8E875E2A7B8CD89FCAAB3B5830206C
SHA256: 7A6DACBAFC13DDE164F2AAB49DA766613F23BE78FF9BCAF5392EEA01F71620D0

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