Didier Stevens

Sunday 5 March 2017

New Tool: sets.py

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It’s a tool I started years ago, and I’m releasing it now.

sets.py allows you to perform operations on sets: union, intersection, subtraction and exclusive or. A set is a list of lines in a file, or a stream of bytes in a file.

I demo the tool in this video:

sets_V0_0_1.zip (https)
SHA256: A5FF61610AD67CA0638E53A10DD083612C2F5BF42218DD2393AFD20035E89B9F


  1. Thanks for this Didier, looks like a really useful little tool. I was having to do some hash comparisons recently for two hash sets to identify unique values and ended up messing about for ages in Excel (I don’t like excel at all), but this could have solved my problem in seconds! Thanks! 🙂

    Comment by Phil Cobley — Sunday 5 March 2017 @ 9:45

  2. You’re welcome. Remark that the tool is case-sensitive. So you would have to make sure that all your hashes were lowercase, for example.

    I’ll probably add an option later to make it not case-sensitive.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Sunday 5 March 2017 @ 9:49

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