Didier Stevens

Sunday 26 February 2017

Update: translate.py Version 2.4.0

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I added a feature similar to “here files” to translate.py. It’s something I already did in xor-kpa.py.

In stead of using an input filename, the content can also be passed in the argument. To achieve this, precede the text with character #.
If the text to pass via the argument contains control characters or non-printable characters, hexadecimal (#h#) or base64 (#b#) can be used.

translate.py #h#89B5B4AEFDB4AEFDBCFDAEB8BEAFB8A9FC “byte ^0xDD”
This is a secret!

translate_v2_4_0.zip (https)
MD5: B33830C68D8A8A7534AF178243658E70
SHA256: A01AB10FCE42664869C4E31DB1AB2E1E0237172D0AE9685549A09BF866D7F885

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