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Monday 21 November 2016

Update: base64dump.py Version 0.0.5

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This new version supports different encodings besides base64 (but the name remains base64dump).

The new encodings are hexadecimal (hex), \u unicode (bu) and %u unicode (pu).

Here’s an example with escaped unicode in JavaScript (%u), namely a PDF with shellcode in JavaScript:


The shellcode, escaped with %u, can be extracted with base64dump:



There’s also a new option to do a string dump: -S


And a last small update: this version also counts unique bytes, i.e. the number of different byte values found in the data.

base64dump_V0_0_5.zip (https)
MD5: 7AACFD3E34FEAAF41897F60FBC5279A3
SHA256: B4AB7B3A9D2947F08C6CC94F88CD825C9B2B63EE65AF7475E66BE9565EC4337A


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