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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Update translate.py Version 2.3.0

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In this update of my translate program, I added support for searching and replacing with regular expressions.

Option -r (regex) uses a regular expression to search through the file and then calls the provided function with a match argument for each matched string. The return value of the function (a string) is used to replace the matched string.
Option -R (filterregex) is similar to option -r (regex), except that it does not operate on the complete file, but on the file filtered for the regex.

Here are 2 examples with a regex. The input file (test-ah.txt) contains the following: 1234&H41&H42&H43&H444321

The first command will search for strings &Hxx and replace them with the character represented in ASCII by hexadecimal number xx:
translate.py -r “&H(..)” test-ah.txt “lambda m: chr(int(m.groups()[0], 16))”
Output: 1234ABCD4321

The second command is exactly the same as the first command, except that it uses option -R in stead or -r:
translate.py -R “&H(..)” test-ah.txt “lambda m: chr(int(m.groups()[0], 16))”
Output: ABCD

In this output, strings that do not match the regular expression are filtered out.

translate_v2_3_0.zip (https)
MD5: 3C21675A2792DCBAF2EB0222C3D14450
SHA256: B51D4D47213AE7E79E3C9D157F5FC8E26C41AB9A5F3A26CD589F588C03910F2A

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