Didier Stevens

Saturday 2 January 2016

Update: shellcode2vba.py Version 0.4

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shellcode2vba.py is a Python program to create VBA code to inject shellcode. This new version has 3 new options:

Option –nocreatethread allows you to instruct the program not to add the VBA code to create a new thread.

Option –writememory: from now on, the VBA code uses RtlMoveMemory in stead of WriteProcessMemory. To use WriteProcessMemory, use option –writememory process

Option –start allows you to specify the name of the start function (ExecuteShellCode by default).

shellcode2vba_v0_4.zip (https)
MD5: DA1580DEF5B5CFF08ACF5FA921AF0822
SHA256: BDC0A5EC3E918B3DA27C392E1B2F909B7BDAD319C43A4250689DD38C81FF876F

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