Didier Stevens

Monday 1 September 2014

Update: Calculating a SSH Fingerprint From a (Cisco) Public Key

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I think there’s more interest for my program to calculate the SSH fingerprint for Cisco IOS since Snowden started with his revelations.

I fixed a bug with 2048 bit (and more) keys.


cisco-calculate-ssh-fingerprint_V0_0_2.zip (https)
MD5: C304299624F12341F9935263304F725B
SHA256: 2F2BF65E6903BE3D9ED99D06F0F38B599079CCE920222D55CC5C3D7350BD20FB


  1. If there is identity theft attack or phishing attack. What information can I gather about this attack using network forensics.

    Comment by Omajiman — Tuesday 2 September 2014 @ 6:29

  2. Could you please put this up on GitHub? Thanks!

    Comment by Leo — Friday 3 April 2015 @ 15:26

  3. I noticed that if the file line ending type is Windows instead of Unix/Linux, the script is not able to read the file. I had quite a time figuring this out, maybe this will save someone a minute or two 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous — Monday 24 August 2015 @ 19:55

  4. On what OS whas this?

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Tuesday 25 August 2015 @ 17:04

  5. The text file was originally created on a Windows 7 system, then that text file was copied to an Ubuntu 15.04 system where the script was run. I simply used gedit on the Ubuntu system to change the line ending type on the text file, after which the script worked perfectly.

    Thank you for creating this script by the way. I am disappointed in Cisco for not having a standard process to be able to verify SSH fingerprints.

    Comment by Anonymous — Thursday 3 September 2015 @ 20:17

  6. OK, that’s a case I hadn’t foreseen. It works on different platforms, but I assumed the file would be created on the same platform.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Thursday 3 September 2015 @ 20:45

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