Didier Stevens

Monday 11 August 2014

EICARgen: An Arms Race

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If you subscribed to my videos, you saw this video and had early access to my new version of EICARgen.

Version 1.0 of EICARgen is detected by too many AV as a dropper. So I rewrote the code. If you launch the new EICARgen (version 2.0) without any arguments, it does nothing.

You have to provide argument “write” for it to write the EICAR test file to disk. By default this is eicar.com, but you can still provide a filename as second argument.

And I’ve added 2 new files: zip and pdf. Use argument zip and eicar.zip is written, use pdf and eicar.pdf is written.

Here is the VirusTotal detection for eicargen.exe.

EICARgen_V2_0.zip (https)
MD5: D346A3725622F981DDA7221799EF08E8
SHA256: 2DF76319D8513B1AD70D327816D3C1028B261EF1E314243DCD0DEC14FF1FC7CE

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