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Thursday 24 April 2014

ssl-hearbleed.nse mod

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YAHP: Yet Another Heartbleed Post

Update: Daniel Miller told me this modification is not necessary. You can force a script to run on all open ports, regardless of the result of the portrule function, by prefixing the scriptname with a +. Like this: nmap -p443 –script +ssl-heartbleed cloudflarechallenge.com


I’ve read that some people are surprised by Nmap’s ssl-heartbleed.nse script behavior: that it will not test all ports.

The script is designed to test only ports with ssl. This is encoded in the portrule function:

portrule = function(host, port)
  return shortport.ssl(host, port) or sslcert.isPortSupported(port)

It’s explained here that you should do a service version detection scan (-sV) so that the script will test unusual ports.

If you don’t want to do a service version detection scan, you could change the portrule function to always return true, hence forcing a test on all open ports.

But this solution is not desired, it’s better to use a script argument to be able to force testing when really necessary.

I copied ssl-heartbleed.nse (SHA1 7540E31EF133226648616DF6534A8BD58C35A3D6) to ssl-heartbleed-force.nse and changed the portrule function like this:

<   return shortport.ssl(host, port) or sslcert.isPortSupported(port)
>   return stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME .. ".force") or shortport.ssl(host, port) or sslcert.isPortSupported(port)

With this change, ssl-heartbleed-force will behave exactly like ssl-heartbleed, unless you use script argument ssl-heartbleed-force.force, like this:

nmap --p443 --script ssl-heartbleed-force --script-args ssl-heartbleed-force.force cloudflarechallenge.com

This script argument will force the test on all open ports.

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